Roasty Tasty uses a variety of cereals and grains, sometimes in combination with one or more ingredients.This range of roasted snacks is richly spiced and flavoured to suit the traditional Indian palate without making you feel guilty about junk snacking on fried namkeens. All these roasted snacks retain the wholesome goodness of the whole grains used.

RnD is distinct in its focus on health and is our premium brand. Our range of RnD snacks are roasted, contemporary flavoured and have a wide, international appeal among the health-conscious as they are enriched with highly nutritious ingredients like Quinoa , Chia , Flaxseeds , Sunflower seeds, Oats, Fenugreek etc.

Our snack line is based on traditional Indian cereals that are blended with flavours to give your taste buds something to savour long after you've had your last munch. Besides, the snacking comes with health benefits. Be it a post work-out bite, that small hunger pang in-between meals, a little something with your evening tea or just a bag of crisps to munch on while gossiping with friends, our snacks make for the best, low-calorie snack option


To make snack time, a time of nutritious and responsible eating. This is why Pioneer Non Fried Foods Private Limited enriches your snack basket with a variety of healthy and tasty munchies using traditional & contemporary ingredients.


To manufacture and promote namkeens / snacks enriched with goodness, also persistently innovate, so that health and taste go together. We want to take the flavours and grains of India to international platforms and promise to deliver 100% customer satisfaction by being the best in food safety practices, hygienic manufacturing conditions, excellent quality and fine taste.

Director’s profile

Mr. Raj Bagri

Passionate about the goodness of Indian grains and cereals, Mr. Raj Bagri is always looking for possibilities and combinations to come up with new-age snack options. After spending around two decades in a family-owned wheat milling & breakfast cereals manufacturing company as a director, he pursued his dream to transform mundane cereals and grains into tasty and healthy snack items. This was the founding principle for Pioneer Non Fried Foods Private Limited.

Though the concept of health food is not new, his creation of traditional cereals as healthy and tasty snacks is bringing about a taste revolution in the ready-to-eat snack segment. Today, the wholesome range of tasty roasted snacks that come with the assurance of health and nutrition benefits, has become a part of daily routine for many in India, the Middle East and North America.

Mr. Raj Bagri is highly motivated and enthusiastic about making his range of healthy, roasted snacks available across the world.